“I have benefitted immensely from this program.  I learned to think outside the box, to look at everything with a sense of curiosity and utilize the tools we’ve been given in my everyday life.  I learned more about myself, how to create effective goals and got my creative spark back when I thought it was gone forever.  I revisited childhood trauma and old wounds that were brought to the surface and helped me heal.  I’ve learned to be more present, mindful and self-aware.  I’ve also learned to be more confident in my own skin and have a more positive outlook.”
– Holli P., Artist and DJ, Toronto

“John has offered a very comfortable and nurturing supportive environment for my journey. There was guidance and suggestions as well as invitations which were mine to receive then accept or decline. Either way there was nothing wrong and all of the power felt in those sessions is what has me wanting to book more.  John led with professionalism, curiosity, playfulness and love. In the short amount of time I’ve come to be in John’s presence and guidance it has been a one-of-a-kind experience.  I look forward to the unfolding journey.”
– Ilona H., Yoga Studio Owner, Utah

“I’m writing today to express deep appreciation to John for the amazing healing work that we are doing together.  He’s authentic, intuitive, creative, sensitive, and a joy to journey with.  I feel completely accepted exactly as I am with no judgment, and have had shame melt away many times just from John’s response when I shared openly.  I am really impressed with John’s in-the-moment intuitive leaps. If you thrive on genuine connection and presence and have the opportunity to work with him, jump on it!”
Lily O., Mixed Media Artist, London

“John walks a wonderful balance between professionalism and warmth.  He skillfully holds space so that I can relax and open up, and yet it never feels like he has a preconceived agenda for what any given session will be.  I am always impressed by his willingness and ability to show up for whatever presents itself on any given day, then pull from his unique collection of talk, meditation, and energy techniques to tailor the work to the particular mood of the session.  A session with John is the best of both worlds: an artfully led healing experience that leaves me feeling like I have had a transformational heart-to-heart talk with a trusted friend.”
– Katherine D., Office Manager, Toronto


“I have worked with different counsellors and therapists over the years, often feeling frustrated at myself for not making progress. Working with John, on the other hand, gave me a fresh perspective in a short matter of time. John cut to the chase, opening my eyes to the stories I had written for myself. I can honestly say that John changed my life, teaching me that it’s okay to say ‘no’. He continues to encourage me, as I express my newfound empowerment.”
– Cass T., National Account Manager, Toronto

“I spent one hour on the phone with John and he gave me insights and inspiration that I have never been aware of. After our chat I felt completely energized, clear with my intent and confident. I’ve never met someone who can produce results this fast for internal change and development. It was something I’ve never experienced before and I still take it with me to this day. Thank you so much!”
– Pierre B., Digital Marketer and Entrepreneur, Toronto

“I think a lot and like most people tend to rationalize what I have done and my thought process. Often times my feats do the rationalizing for me and guide me away from the goals that I want to achieve. John listened to my problems, understood how I was rationalizing, and helped me uncover and face my fears. He also gave me a plan to implement in order to continue to grow. I am thankful for the session and would highly recommend John to all those seeking to understand themselves, confront their challenges, and change their lives.”
– Nabeel H., Enterprise Organic Search, Toronto

“John has a very attentive and creative approach to personal development. He has an apt ability to direct a conversation such that one comes to realize conclusions for themselves about their lives that are both profound and practical. He facilitates a safe, non-judgmental space that builds trust and allows for the vulnerability necessary for personal growth. I highly recommend John as a healer and life coach.”
– Josh W., Medical School Student, Israel

“John is an incredible healer who embodies pure creative joy, love, grace, and compassion! His phenomenal intuitive skills will guide you on a journey of deeply meaningful soul-level healing work. It takes practice and skill to effectively identify the root cause of what’s behind our resistance to allowing in more love and well-being, and John’s got it! He is also most creative in facilitating a remarkable group healing and clearing experience. I highly recommend working with John, especially if you are a highly-conscious creative soul looking to clear your money consciousness blocks that originate in experiences of disempowerment, lack of self-love and self-worth, inner child pain, and you are ready to live in alignment and congruence with your soul’s divine essence.”
– Milada S., Business Coach and Transformational Teacher, Toronto

“John is a long-time friend who I’ve seen grow tremendously over the years. His dedication to personal exploration and development as a spiritual practitioner becomes more evident with each meeting. When we connected to explore my akashic records, I was navigating a difficult transition, and questioning some core life-choices. John’s calm, clear presence silently invited me to relax into a semi-meditative state. The messages that came through have continued to bear fruit well after our session. I would certainly work with John again, and I encourage anyone seeking a window into their own unconscious to do the same.”
– Brian B., Retreat Organizer, Canadian West Coast

“I would like to thank you for a profound and very helpful reading. I am aware that I did not make it easy for you as I had no idea what I wanted to ask, and you basically had to work “blindfolded”. Still, it was spot-on the main thing I was needing and looking for. I felt that I was carefully led to the points where I needed more awareness and more attention for myself and my way. I felt very content and relaxed and I am trying to integrate the session into my daily life! I am glad to have had the chance to work together. I really appreciated the calm and relaxing way you handled the reading – while being exact about what it was all about at the same time”.
– Gabriele B., Social Worker, Berlin

“John provides a safe and insightful space to go beyond what is first seen. His gentle strength and compassion allow the opportunity for deep learning.”
– Stephanie C., Holistic Practitioner, Toronto

“Thank you John for such a deep and profound healing session. I feel so much lighter and confident now, having cleared those energies that were holding me back from allowing greater experiences into my life. I appreciate how you understood my intentions so clearly, and how you interpreted and phrased the messages coming through from my Akashic Records, particularly the affirmations about bringing Love and Abundance into my Heart. The images you gave me were so vived and evocative that they are happily anchored in my memory now. I have no hesitation in endorsing you to anyone who wishes to access their Akashic Records, and experience more Joy, Confidence and Freedom in their lives.”
– Alison S., Founder of Silver Soul Therapy, Ireland

“Highly committed to extraordinary service, John helped me clarify my original question to ensure that I would receive the guidance that I needed. His visions and insights were sharp and articulate – and resonated with me deeply. I continue to do the heart-centered practice that we did together in the session. I left the session inspired to live in accordance with what my own heart truly desires.”
Andrea S., Naturopathic Doctor, California

“John was clear and helpful at acknowledging issues present in my life. His gentle and compassionate presence made me feel comfortable and allowed me to fully open up and acknowledge areas that needed healing. He worked through them with me and put me on a path toward healing.”
Ali C., Nutritionist, Toronto

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