Creative Self Expression: You deserve to pursue the things which make you happy, and the rest of us need your positive example. Expressing ourselves creatively raises self confidence, improves mental health and helps us learn from our experiences in a way which is illuminating and empowering. Plus, John freestyles at the end of the video πŸ˜€

Emotional Regulation: Expressing emotions is a lot like using the washroom: We all need to do it, and if we can’t things get uncomfortable pretty fast! John uses this analogy to explain why remembering how to express ourselves in a healthy way leads to a happier, healthier life. Don’t forget to wash your hands πŸ˜‰

Intentional Action: Understanding the internal motivations for our behavior is more important than the external actions we take for long-term success, fulfillment and happiness. John shares his personal experiences with exercising and rapping to illustrate the difference between acting from a place of internal gratitude and appreciation versus stress and expectation. He also sweats all over himself and the wonderful friend who was filming.

Obstacles to Opportunities: Finding the ideal combination of success and novelty in our lives creates engagement, fulfillment and satisfaction, sometimes referred to as “optimal frustration”. John combines the idea of the ‘hero’s journey’ within the analogy of life being a play to reframe obstacles into opportunities and take control of our lives.

Balloon Breathing: John created this simple, three step meditation to help us focus and learn healthy emotional regulation. It’s been practiced around the world and is suitable for all ages. No prior experience with meditation is necessary. Enjoy!

Overcoming Adversity: In a courageous and heartfelt talk, John opens up about his struggles with mental health and the journey through adversity which has taught him how to connect and relate with others. Where we find ourselves in this moment is the perfect place to share our love with the world. Strong language!


We Are Our Own Legacy: John shares stories about his grandfather, and the value of sharing ourselves honesty to leave a lasting impact on others.

“We don’t get to take anything with us. But we can leave something behind far more valuable than money or skyscrapers or stories. We can leave love.Read more

Badass Habits to Badass Happiness: Using his experiences learning to play guitar, John shares four simple steps to build satisfaction and fulfillment into our lives through investing in our passions. Some humble videos of him playing are included πŸ™‚

“Don’t forget your dreams. They are more important than you’ll ever know- until you truly pursue them and they change your life”. Read more

Don’t Do Depressed: Three steps to remember when things feel heavy.

“While I’m learning that I may not be able to control if I feel depressed, I’m embracing that that relief and growth are very much within my control when I follow these steps.” Read more

Trust: A Love Story Told Through ‘Shit’ 90s Rock: John uses the experience of listening to old songs with a fresh perspective to help him process the end of an engagement:

“In my journey to live authentically, the need to trust is becoming essential: Trusting that the experiences life brings me (and my emotional responses) are empowering rather than impeding my growth.” Read more

Life-Long Learning: In this reflection, John shares what he learned about learning from his favourite university professor:

“To be the best teacher possible for his students, Dr. Malszechi was a life-long student himself.” Read more

‘You Can’t Say That!’: In his blog Sh!t That Isn’t True, Drew Dudley interviews John about how to build healthy relationships through a combination of self-acceptance, honest communication and a desire to understand:

β€œOn the outside looking in I would imagine it looked like I had a wonderful life, and a lot of people thought that I did. On the inside I felt perpetually anxious and insecure, and very, very deeply unhappy and unsettled.” Read more

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