What is Newnow?

I believe we share an innate desire to feel healthy and fulfilled while actively realizing our abilities and passions.

Newnow Empowerment assists committed individuals in making meaningful and consistent progress towards their life goals.  By developing the curiosity and awareness to perceive and act in new ways, we regain our ability to truly live, now.

Who is Newnow for?

Do you have a goal, dream or aspiration which you can’t fully realize?

Is stress impacting your health, relationships or ability to make decisions?

Is a long-standing source of pain frustrating your enjoyment of living?

Your vision is uniquely your own, yet none of us actualize our potential alone.  Our collaborations can help you remember yourself through exploring your own interests and passions.  Regain insight, clarity, relief, confidence, curiosity and personalized tools to take meaningful action and create a more connected life.

What can Newnow help me with?

Newnow helps individuals explore and express themselves creatively.  We regain an innate sense of curiosity and confidence through investing in our passions while learning to understand, incorporate and heal the beliefs, emotional pain and blockages which would otherwise impede this authenticity.  Over time, this process creates many benefits which include increased focus and confidence, connection in relationships, improved physical and mental health, and the ability to make autonomous and fulfilling life changes.  Newnow makes personal development meaningful, enpowering and enjoyable.

What can I expect from an Empowerment Session?

Expect a relaxed, fascinating conversation where we explore the topic(s) of your choosing with creativity and compassion.  A range of Western and Eastern modalities are subtly enployed to help you better understand yourself, clarify your goals and take confident action from a broader, more empowered perspective. 

What techniques does Newnow use?

Sessions interweave Western psychotherapy techniques with Eastern mind-body awareness practices, intuitive counselling, guided visualization and energetic healing modalities such as Reiki and Energy Healing as taught by the Barbara Brennan School of Healing.  

We explore your chosen goals through entering an intuitive, fully conscious state of creative, non-linear thinking.  This can be referred to as accessing your ‘Akashic Records’.

What are my Akashic Records?

The Akashic Records may be considered a conceptual space which hold all of the memories, knowledge and relationships you have and ever will experience.  This information is contained within a sort of “living library” accessible through your mind.

Akashic Record readings are beneficial under certain circumstances; please contact me directly if you’re intrigued.  More information about the Records is available here.

This is starting to sound kinda New Age-y/spiritual. What if I don’t relate to that stuff?

A lifetime of facilitating, mentoring and teaching taught me how to tailor each conversation to respect and support you and where you find yourself, now.  There won’t be any spiritual talk if you don’t relate to it.  (Yes, this is written next to a picture of me playing a singing bowl).

How does Newnow differ from other therapeutic or coaching practices?

Newnow combines the self-awareness and mental/emotional therapeutic modalities of a psychotherapist with the goal-oriented, action-focused methodology traditionally offered by coaches and facilitators. 

Working with a number of therapists, coaches and healers over the years taught me what I valued (and did not) within the personal development field.  Newnow combines what I consider to be an effective variety of tools from each perspective into an inspiring, enjoyable and efficient practice.  Each session is intuiviely tailored to you and your aspirations in an open and collaborative nature.

It can also be a lot of FUN 😀

How much is a session, and how can I pay?

Empowerment sessions are $129 plus HST for 90 minutes, payable with major credit cards or EMT.  Complimentary 25 minute discovery calls are available for new clients to discuss your goals and a suggested plan of action.  My booking schedule is available here.  Please email me directly with any other questions you may have!

What are the policies around cancellations and rescheduling?

All requests to change or cancel an appointment must be made with a minimum 24 hours notice through Newnow’s online booking service.  If you must cancel or reschedule with less than 24 hours’ notice, the full session fee will be charged.

Anything else I should know?

Sessions are currently available online through Telehealth.  Due to the nature of this work, meeting on a weekly or biweekly schedule will produce the best results.  You are under no obligation to commit for any number of sessions, although my schedule prioritizes working with clients who are committed to ongoing and consistent growth.  All new clients will be required to complete a confidential personal history form and sign a standard waiver online.