Akashic Records and Energy Healing

What are my Akashic Records?

The Akashic Records may be considered a conceptual space which hold all of the memories, knowledge and relationships you have and ever will experience.  This information is contained within a sort of “living library” accessible through your mind. Have you ever walked into a store, stood in front of a buffet or swiped through a Netflix queue and felt overwhelmed by the sheer volume of choice available? Sometimes we solicit the advice of a friend, Internet reviews or the help of an expert to narrow down our search and make informed decisions.  Consider John the ‘librarian’ in the living library of your Akashic Records. Conceptually, the Akashic Records are a non-physical space which serve to hold all of the memories, knowledge and relationships we could ever experience. You can also think of them as the source of your deepest intuition and self-confidence.  This methodology allows us to acquire information, access healing and gain new perspectives in key areas of life. John has found the Records to be an empowering and fascinating method of self discovery and growth as they offer consistent insight into belief systems. Many of us struggle to live up to our own expectations, or to achieve life-long ambitions without appreciating why we run into resistance or tend towards self-sabotage. While we are often aware of circumstances which prevent us from living in accordance with our dreams, we are less often aware of the beliefs and self-concepts operating behind the scenes which create and perpetuate these struggles. Over time, through working with our Akashic Records we can identify the nature and source of our limiting and conflicting beliefs.  We develop insight into the emotional, mental and physical components of each belief, and do the work required to reintegrate these places within ourselves.  As our feelings, thoughts and physical bodies return to a more healthy, harmonious relationship, energy is freed which we can use towards achieving our true goals and aspirations. Akashic Record readings are incorporated into Personal Empowerment Journeys.  They may also be beneficial under certain conditions on an individual basis; please contact John directly to discuss if this is right for you.

What is Energy Healing?

When explaining the potential of energy work to clients, John normally talks about cell phones: Cell phones have become a ubiquitous wonder of our modern world, allowing us to connect with individuals on the other side of the planet and access information from across recorded human history with a couple of taps on a screen. We can accomplish a lot with our phones- provided we keep our charger nearby!  We can’t get work accomplished, communicate with friends or look at cat memes for long without electricity inside our cell’s battery.  We can’t see this electricity and many us are unlikely to understand how it really works.  What we do understand is that by plugging a charger into an outlet and our phone into that charger – voila! – we’re able to look at a cat with a piece of bread around his neck again. Magic. … Our bodies function in a pretty similar way:  We are dynamic, creative beings with unlimited potential… provided we have adequate vitality, circulation and emotional regulation to take the actions necessary! Many of us have grown to accept that reduced health, functionality and mobility are unfortunate byproducts of aging.  Western medicine has done much to perpetuate this perspective. John himself believed this without much question until a couple of bad accidents and injuries in his twenties forced him to explore a variety of non-traditional modalities.  When he discovered energy healing, it felt much like a ‘dead’ cell phone which had finally been plugged in:  Skilled practitioners of osteopathy, cranio-sacral, accupuncture and reiki all acted as ‘chargers’ to transfer energy from the environment into his body.  These modalities released tension, softened emotional blocks, cleared his thinking and aided his natural healing abilities. John was so impressed with the potential of energy healing he eventually sought out training in a variety of modalities.  Energy Healing as taught by the Barbara Brennan School of Healing is offered as part of Personal Empowerment Journeys; please contact him directly to discuss how energy work can deepen and support your growth.

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