What are the Akashic Records?

Conceptually, the Akashic Records are a non-physical space which serve to hold all of the memories, knowledge and relationships we could ever experience.

..If that doesn’t float your boat, feel free to think of them as the source of our deepest intuition and self-confidence.  This methodology allows us to acquire information, access healing and gain new perspectives in key areas of life.

I have found the Records to be an empowering and fascinating method of self discovery and growth as they offer consistent insight into our belief systems.

Many of us struggle to live up to our own expectations, or to achieve life-long ambitions without appreciating why we run into resistance or tend towards self-sabotage. While we are often aware of circumstances which prevent us from living in accordance with our dreams, we are less often aware of the beliefs and self-concepts operating behind the scenes which create and perpetuate these struggles.

Over time, through working with our Akashic Records we can identify the nature and source of our limiting and conflicting beliefs.  We develop insight into the emotional, mental and physical components of each belief, and do the work required to reintegrate these stuck places within ourselves.  As our feelings, thoughts and physical bodies return to a more healthy, harmonious relationship, energy is freed which we can use towards achieving our true goals and aspirations.