Empower Your Life

Do you want to learn how to live at your full potential? Our Mastermind Intensives and Empowerment Journeys create lasting personal transformation by teaching you the confidence, clarity and creativity to make real change.



Mastermind Intensives

Reframe the belief systems which drive you within a supportive and inspiring combination of group and individual structured sessions.  Enhance your growth with revitalizing, enjoyable habits that inspire your purpose and direction. 

“I have benefitted immensely from this program.  I learned to think outside the box, to look at everything with a sense of curiosity and utilize the tools we’ve been given in my everyday life.  I learned more about myself, how to create effective goals and got my creative spark back when I thought it was gone forever.  I revisited childhood trauma and old wounds that were brought to the surface and helped me heal.  I’ve learned to be more present, mindful and self-aware.  I’ve also learned to be more confident in my own skin and have a more positive outlook.”

– Holli P, Toronto

Empowerment Journeys 

Experience a process of deep, ongoing transformation uniquely tailored to your personality and aspirations.  Empowerment Journeys compliment your current lifestyle while you build the life you have always wanted.

“I’m writing today to express deep appreciation to John for the amazing healing work that we are doing together.  He’s authentic, intuitive, creative, sensitive, and a joy to journey with.  I feel completely accepted exactly as I am with no judgment, and have had shame melt away many times just from John’s response when I shared openly.  I am really impressed with John’s in-the-moment intuitive leaps.  If you thrive on genuine connection and presence and have the opportunity to work with him, jump on it!”
– Lily O., London



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